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Big image sliders look fancy and beautiful but not always convey the correct information. Additionally, they might increase the time to load the site. So just watch this video to understand our services and then hit the contact button if you need us to do something.

What do we actually need in a software? Fancy design or complete functionality or both ?

There are a lot of services available online for building websites which you could use even if you do not have coding knowledge. We are not one of them. Sometimes, you might require more than what these tools have in offer. We can help you with simple yet effective online/offline tools to reduce your work so that you could devote your spare time for business, fun, family, leisure or some other more important work. 

What we Do

Website Development

We build responsive websites as per your requirement which would look equally beautiful on devices of any size. 

Web based tools (online/offline)

Database driven websites for managing employees, sales, inventory etc. If you are scared of keeping private data on cloud then you may go for offline web tool.

Windows Automation

There are always small redundant tasks that you wished windows could do with a button click. Or there might be small tasks that you wish to keep running in background. 

Spreadsheet Macros 

Tired of managing spreadsheets? Why not automate simple tasks with macros or bigger calculations between spreadsheets which are not possible through formula.

Android App Development

Apps are the future. As much as you need a website, a mobile app is equally necessary. We build apps for customers as well as businesses to manage themselves.

Digital Marketing

Making your website and app is not enough. You need to promote it by Digital Marketing (through the web) so that it reaches maximum people with similar interests.

Animated Ads

Nobody reads a text now a days. The best way to capture a customer's attention is through videos. Cherry on the cake is we make interesting animated videos to engage people even more.

Application Testing

You may not know but your website may contain bugs and errors which might be preventing your customers to come back. Remember, first impression is the last impression.


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Solution First

What our wonderful customers say 
(Do you ever wonder if these are really true everywhere !!)

Fantastic work by the team. They have really done it despite taking a little extra time. Most importantly, they had put their own brains to add extra features which would make my site better.

Madhulika Vatsal

Nice work Guyss !! Pretty neat user experience. Part 1 is complete now get ready for Part 2.

Deepti Simha

Thank you to the team for doing it in such short notice. Got really what was required. Will surely contact you again.

Mukesh Agrawal

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